Alternatives to Mineral Veil?

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  1. Are there any products that are just like Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil? I've been reading about the recalls and the concerns regarding parabens. Now I'm thinking I should stop using this product, but I really love what it does to my skin. Is there anything I can use that suits the same purpose?
  2. I use La Bella Donna mineral make up and I love it. I think it gives better coverage which is why I switched and they don't tell you how you need all these components.

    BE just replaced all their veils with paraben free stuff just a few days ago. I'd recommend going to exchange it.
  3. I like the pure silk dust from Everyday Minerals. They have a tinted version too. I also hear people liking the finishing dust by Everyday Minerals as well. Everyday Minerals is great!! Way better, IMO then BE, plus cheaper!
  4. Ditto to the Everyday Minerals! Love that stuff!
  5. Palgantong Theatrical Powder in light beige is very similar to mineral veil. The name is a misleading; it's just a translucent loose powder. It's very finely milled like mineral veil and gives a similar finish. I order it from Sasa in Hong Kong and it's still cheaper than buying BE Mineral Veil IRL. I think it's a better product, too.
  6. Okay so I've been doing some research on Everyday Minerals and it seems that a majority of women love it more than BE. I'm just not sure on which finishing powder is best. I'd like to wear it alone most days and also over my tinted moisturizer. Any suggestions?

    And Claire, I've read about your rave about this Palgantong Theatrical Powder. It doesn't break you out, does it? And it's not cakey, right? I'll do my research on it as well. Thanks!
  7. LOL, I do talk about it a lot, huh? :shame:

    But no, it's not cakey at all and doesn't break me out at all. It's just a super lightweight finishing powder. It works well over all the foundations I use (liquid, mineral, and cream). I've been putting a *tiny* bit on a big fluffy kabuki brush and lightly buffing it on, and it makes my skin look airbrushed. It's fantastic.
  8. Whoa. Bare Minerals has been recalled? Say whaaat?
  9. That just means you stand behind the product. Sounds like good stuff.
    I'm looking at the site and they only have beige. I have medium skin tone, kinda yellow, honestly...I don't really know my skin tone. But I'm pretty sure I'm medium. Would this color be okay?
  10. It's pretty translucent, but I'm light (usually the 2nd or 3rd lightest color) and if I put on too much it can look a little bit pale. The Original Beige would probably be better for medium skin. I'm planning on buying that one and mixing it with the light one for summertime, when I'm a little darker...
  11. There was a recall? where did you read that, im interested?:confused1:
  12. I bought a new BE tinted mineral veil about two weeks ago and then saw this thread. So I took it back to the store to exchange it yesterday for one that didn't have parabens and all of the mineral veils that they had still had parabens in it and the girls that worked there looked at me like I was crazy. They let me return it because I hadn't opened it yet, but I'm not sure how widely known this recall really is.
  13. It wasn't really announced by the company. I heard it through a friend that works for Estee Lauder months ago and then it was confirmed about 3-4 weeks ago when the SA told my mom.

    The paraben products have been replaced, but if you bought them before it was replaced (especially the mineral veil and another product) then you have parabens in your products.
  14. It wasn't a recall because BE didn't announce it. Parabens aren't illegal, but with the toxcity concerns BE was trying to stay a step ahead since they sell "natural make up". However people are aware of it and I believe they should replace people's products based on that.