Alright Alright... Aurelia GM or Luco Tote?


Which would you pick?

  1. White Multicolore Aurelia GM

  2. Monogram Luco Tote

  3. SO Damier Luco Tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Haha omg it's like apples & oranges! I totaaaaally forgot about the Aurelia's! It's the perfect size and width, but way flashier and about $600+ more than the Luco.


    or [​IMG]

    edit: OR! should i do a SO for a Damier Luco??! omg.. that would be 'teh sex'!!
  2. damier would be SO great in that shape especially on a guy. it's a very masculine print to me.

    i like the aurelia, and it would actually be very cool to see the right guy carrying it, but i remember reading somewhere that you'd changed your style lately to less flashy. that bag is definately not less flashy. :smile:
  3. Oohhh.. the SO damier luco!! That would be a very sexy sexy bag for you. :graucho:
  4. Aurelia for me :love:
  5. I LOVE THE AURELIA!!! If i was a guy i'd get it in black.. I can totally picture those hot MAC makeup artist boys wearin it...
  6. Luco Damier on a guy would be so hot!
  7. i think the damier luco would look great on a guy. :yes:
  8. I'd stick with the Luco, and if you can wait for it, I'd SO it in Damier.
  9. Luco, and it'd be fabulous in damier !
  10. guys with mc= :heart:3
  11. Agreed! I am one of them! lol
  12. Damier Luco!!! Yum!
  13. I like the Damier Luco