already thinking of my next bag--black extra large reissue with silver h/w

  1. Does this one exist? I am going to wait a while, but I think the reissue is so fine and I won't kick myself for not getting the classic flap in black prior to price increase if I focus on it :yes:
  2. The largest size reissue is the 228's dimensions are a bit bigger than the Jumbo Classic Flap.....but the way it's made you really can't fit more in it, kwim ?
  3. Thanks! You haven't happened to see one anywhere??
  4. ^^^Nope....sorry !!!
    Do they make black reissues with silver ???
  5. I don't know! I am just dreaming
  6. Yeah, in early 2006 they introduced amongst others a black reissue with silver hardware, it was always my fav, and I finally got my hands on one (227 size) a few weeks ago. She was my first Chanel too.:smile:
  7. Yea! So it exists. How does the size compare to a jumbo classic flap?? And, did you see any others?
  8. I have never actually compared the 227 reissue size to a jumbo classic flap, but I have a feeling the latter would fit more only because of the way the reissue is shaped, it is less pliable if that makes sense. However I am sure there are other members here that are more conversant in the subject than me and could help you more. I went for the 227 as the 228 was just too big for my size and I have found the 227 more than fits my needs. I only found it because designer307 mentionned to another pf member ambrosered that she had seen a grey reissue in the Saks (Chanel) store in Troy Michigan, I then called and asked one of the SAs there to do a locate for me for a black with silver as the grey they had was teeny. Anyway in the end I got one of my dream bags :yahoo: ! Good luck in finding yours!
  9. i highly recommend have the eBay auction authenticated before you bid as the seller have pretty low feedback. Good Luck!