Aloha sent me the wrong box !!

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  1. Hi everyone~
    I just received my Violet City from Aloha today but the the brown box says Giant City and the picture on it is clearly not a City.
    I was just wondering whether that usually happens?
    What do you guys reckon??

    Thanks so much !!!
  2. it wouldnt be a huge deal to me but if it bothers you, call them and i'm pretty sure they'd send you the right box. Congratulations on the new bag!
  3. Did you receive the right City but just the wrong box? If so, they must be in a rush when they did the shipping. My purchases from AR in the past were the right boxes though. If it was just the box, it wouldn't bother me too much, as long as I received the bag I ordered.
  4. Hi everyone~ Thanks so much for the quick reply. Yes, the bag was the right one but it was just the wrong box. I'm not going to be too fussed about it but this was only my second purchase so far from Aloha. The Violet Giant City previously from Aloha was perfect. I was just shocked I guess when I first saw the picture on the box. I thought they made a mistake.
    But once again, thanks so much !!!
  5. I got a Pine City, but the picture on the box was a step bag.
  6. I ordered 2 steps and they sent them to me a City box. I don't care though. If it bothers you peel off the sticker.
  7. I got a Pine City from them and the picture on the box was a First. It didn't really bother me though.
  8. the very first order i made had the wrong box, right bag. the last time i actually took the time to notice and it did match. but quite honestly, i tossed away the shipping box and kept the white bal box.
  9. They sent me a different box for my twiggy, but I don't mind that.