aloha rag limited sale

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  1. I don't know if anyone has visited the site yet, but I swear the limited sale website just popped up. Many chloe bags are 50% off!

    go check it out!
  2. I'm dying here!! My shopping cart is so full!! ::delirious laughter::
  3. Yay....I just got the red edith bag! Im so excited!!
  4. thanks so much! What bargains!!
  5. You got the bag? Can you show the photo? Thanks!!!
  6. WOW, Great Sale! The sales EVERYWHERE are crazy!
  7. did anyone get the pady shopper?
  8. Does anyone think it the Silverado is too dated now?
  9. Well I ordered it in Silver Grey. A very different colour for me. I hope it is a soft bag as my Conteen is rather stiff.
  10. ^ I saw this silverado style IRL and it is very nice and the leather is soft! It will be a very different bag from ur conteen, so nice choice there and now u have variety in ur chloe collection!
  11. The Kerala bag is gorgeous but was sold out when I wanted to buy it :sad:
  12. Those bags went FAST!!! AR is probably swamped with so many orders to ship right now! Thank god I remembered the sale and got a whiskey edith and a grey silverado (both for friends). Was pondering the red edith for myself and by the time I checked back.....GONE.:wtf:
  13. Did anyone buy the tracy bag. I just need to get what the list and sale price were because Nordstroms is matching. maggie
  14. :yahoo: OH I should say...hey everyone NORDSTROMS I S

    M A T C H I N G..:wlae: Maggie
  15. NO...I still love my silverado and get unlimited compliments.. I do have to wear the right outfit though..maggie