Aloha Rag 50%-70% off Balenciaga!

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  1. Aloha Rag has Balenciaga on sale! Unfortunately, no motorcycle-style bags. But they do have the suede fringe bag, the suede sac (large and small), the printed saddle suede bag, and my favorite - the white pony mini coin purse with crystal rivets, at 60% off - just $105!
  2. :nuts: Wow...thanks for the tip!!
  3. tOO bAD tHER'ES nO cITIES!!!
  4. I know a bunch of people got cities from aloha rags a little while back- before I found this forum! Did they put them on major sale??
  5. Nooo, Aloharag has never put any cities or motorcycle bags on sale. They are always regular retail price.
  6. Thanks Pewter, I have never seen them advertised on sale, but i didn't know if I had missed out!
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