Aloe Vera Juice

  1. So a long time ago, I read (not sure where) that drinking Aloe Vera Juice was really good for your skin. I saw some in the store yesterday and was debating about buying it. Has anyone here tried it? Does it taste awful? Does it do anything for you skin? TIA!
  2. Sounds good! Where did you see it?
  3. <---- allergic to aloe :sad:
  4. It tastes really, really bad. I use aloe vera gel (From a HFS) on pimples that I massacre-They go away pretty quick.
  5. I read an article about how people use it as a laxative to lose weight. It scared me away from it :shocked:...
  6. if the aloe vera juice that you saw is the asian kind, it's actually pretty yummy (if you like grapes)-it tastes just like grape juice loaded with sugar (which i think it actually is), but i can't vouch for its health benefits. if it's real aloe juice you're talking about, then yeah, it's pretty nasty :yucky:
  7. Aloe vera is really good for you great for skin complaints, digestive upsets and arthritis you can mis it with a strong tasting fruit juice if you don't like the taste by it's self
  8. this is definitely true. my dad has digestive issues and for awhile we grew fresh aloe and he'd mix a chunk of the gooey inside portion of it everyday morning into a drink or just ear it on its own.
  9. I dont think I could drink it, but I love using pure aloe in my homemade face and body scrubs!
  10. the asian drink is YUMMY! and i have NEVER had to wear lotion because i drink so much of it. my SO says my skin glows. ha! plus i have restroom problems (not going regularly enough) my whole life and my diet is well. doctors cant put a finger on it, but since drinking it (2 years now) im getting a pretty good habit of going poo. and my SO has REALLY bad eczema and all the itchy flaky skin went away when i introduced it to him.

    my mother drinks the pure thing. ITS NASTY. i vomited in my mouth the first time i tried it. but my moms seen GREAT changes. but for me, im sticking to my little changes with the good taste. lol
  11. i tried it before at an asian desert house. they mixed it in with mango and it was sooo delicious!

  12. yes the asian versions are so yummy! :tup:
  13. The Asian version doesn't taste bad at all and has some jelly bits in it. I would advise against drinking too much though - it does have a laxative effect and can also affect potassium levels.
  14. I haaaaated it. Even the Asian versions. My mom used to try to force me to drink it because I had such bad skin and I ended up giving it to the potted plant(it died. I don't know if it was the aloe juice, the bitter chinese herbal my mom also tried to give me, or just bad luck). But before you buy a case, I would just buy a can of it if you live near an Asian grocery store to see if you like it.
  15. Ive never heard of drinking it, but I know when you put it on your skin its stupid-super good for it(scars, pimples, etc.). Actually-you reminded me that I need to get some next time we are at the store!