Almost lost my cles today!

  1. I was at Barnes and Noble picking up a book at the information desk and I must've put my cles on the counter. I went to check out and realized I didn't have it with me. (I keep my license and 2 credit cards in there with $20 "mad money.") I literally run from the counter back to the info desk all the while thinking "OMG, I lost my groom, I lost my groom!" (I didn't even think of the ID or cards!) So, in my panic-state, I rudely skip in front of everybody and ask if anyone left their keys on the counter. The girl asks me if I can identify them and I say/shout "IT'S A CLES, IT'S A CLES!" She looks at me like I am from Mars and asks again what they look like. I pull out my LV wallet and she finally hands them over. OK, I had only been there moments before so I don't know how many people could have left their keys on the counter but WHEW, I'm glad to have him back!!

    Moral of the story: I guess it's good to have more than one piece of LV in your bag!
  2. I had a little panic attack when I saw the title of your thread. Thank goodness that you got him back!
  3. OMGosh glad to hear you got your groom back :biggrin:
  4. Well I dont know about having more than one piece in your bag!

    I moved from england to New Jersey about 9/10 weeks ago now and whilst shopping iN Target managed to lose my limited edition neverfull bag!

    I remember looking at bath towels but did not realise I did not have the bag untill I got home, one frantic trip back to the shop and nail biting wait later I was reunited with my baby.

    As if all this isnt bad enough, the bag contained not only all my cards, cash etc but also all of my familys (6 of us) items of ID including our visas !!!!.

    Guess a bag with strap is advisable for shopping!!:love:
  5. HAHA!! "ITS A CLES, ITS A CLES!" I can just picture the girls face!!
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: omg, i would've done the same thing! that poor girl must be thinking Clay(Cles), Clay(Cles)!?!? This poor lady must lost her mind calling this brown thing a clay. lol:roflmfao:
    Hum, i might've call it my Groom, Groom!! But totally glad you have it back!
  7. omg imagine if you said "I LOST MY GROOM!" what they might have thought you were talking about and what you might have ended up with!

    glad you got it back. i would have freaked. lol
  8. Awwwww happy you got him / cles aka Clay back lol. I know I would be so worried about losing my cles also. I'm so happy you didn't lose him completely!!
  9. Thank goodness you got him back..i adore my little groom. he brings me joy each and every day. sad but a true story...he makes me smile. i wish i could get a groom speedy! dream item... CALLING LV make a groom speedy please..
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I love to see my groom hauling that bag. That's exactly how I feel sometimes: schlepping through my life, always carrying something for somebody else. It's nice to see somebody else doing it too!
  11. Haha~~glad you got it back!!!! Just be careful next time;)!
  12. I'm glad you got it back. Your story is cute and I laughed!
  13. Happy ending, yeah! I'm sure you would've found another LV fan had there been one in that crowd.
  14. whew, glad it was still there
  15. I'm sure glad you got it back! I always worried about keeping credit cards and driver's license in my cles for that reason - I'm always misplacing my keys! (I gave my groom cles to my daughter - she's using it when she goes out with friends to hold a little money - and she just loves it too). I just bought the new pomme d'amour 4 key holder. I'm so happy you got your "little man" back!