Almost had a heart attack

  1. I ordered a wallet and a bag from Bluefly last week. And when I got the shipment today, the Guccissima leather wallet is missing! I called Bluefly immediately and the rep said it happened from time to time now! She promised to try to get a credit back to me. :crybaby: No more black Guccissima leather wallet... I hate thieves! (This order is shipped by DHL.)

    My other order of the chocolate Guccissima wallet is intact (my mom's gift), thank God!

    Once I had a diamond ring shipped via UPS and got a piece of brick! Luckily the company reimbursed me and took care of the rest.

    :hysteric: I am mad!
  2. So sorry that happened, does it appear the box was tampered with, or they just forgot to put it in the box?
    I certainly hope you can get your refund or credit, or the item that was missing. I hope this all works out...keep us posted
  3. OMG! that's unbelievable (&they're supposed to be reliable courrier companies:hrmm:) ...i've heard of bad handling, but stolen??? i'm sorry this happened to you. but at least they're returning your money and your mom's one arrived safely. hopefully you'll find another wallet for yourself.
  4. I am not sure if it's a sloppy job or what not. It was not as well packaged as my other order, kind of messy. The wallet came with a box and a plastic zipper bag outside. It's very obvious that the clear plastic zipper bag was not zipped, and it was very light. I got an empty box and the plastic wrap but no wallet. Well, at least I got an authentic Gucci box as a bonus... :s
  5. Sorry to hear that hope you can find a replacement somewhere else soon
  6. Wow. I can't believe it! Good thing they are crediting you.. It just disgusts me what people can do.
  7. Sorry to hear that happening. Please keep us updated on the out come.
  8. I'm so sorry this happend to you. I scared like this when I was supposed to get my Gucci shoes, and on the site it said that the order was attempted, but there was no tag on my door or gate. It's heart wrenching. But Karma's a you know what, and whoever that took your wallet, will deal with something far greater in the future.
  9. Glad they are crediting you
  10. i have had problems with bluefly as well. Won't ever order from them again.

  11. What happened?
  12. Yeah, please share....
  13. So far I have had no problem with Bluefly. I bought 2 Gucci purses from them. One of them they did not apply the extra 15% off coupon. Long story. But I called and they credited my card no problem.
  14. sorry to hear that happened to you! :sad:
  15. Bluefly credited me yesterday, so far I'm happy with their service.:yes: