Almost got my first LV items today, sigh

  1. I took a break from work and I had to stop at Tiffany's which is near a LV. Tiffany's was hopping, but I was able to make my purchase and get it wrapped in about 20 minutes because they had a ton of SA's working. Well I go to LV which is pretty quiet. There was the greeter/guard and one SA helping a guy. I started looking around as there were a couple of items I wanted to see. At one point another SA comes out of one door and goes in another and says someone will be there soon. I keep looking and a couple more people came in the store. I gave up, as I needed to go to NM and Saks. Strange that they did not have more help....Maybe I should apply there for a pt job:nogood:
  2. Aw, sorry to hear that....well it is the holiday season!
  3. Aww i am so sorry.
  4. So sorry you didn't get any service! True, it is the holiday season, but why would they only have two SA's working?
  5. Awww, that is no good.:sad: I hope you can your LV goodies next time.
  6. sorry you couldn't get your new goodies. After the holiday maybe when things settle own you will get better service.
    Happy Holidays.
  7. It was happened last time I visited my local store. It was back in Nov (not holiday season yet). I was in the store about 20 mins, and no one even say "do you need any help" or "I'll be right back".... Nothing!
    Finding a store provides good service and good SA is so important.
  8. That's too bad. Hope you have a better experience next time!!
  9. Maybe all the Sa took leave for the Holidays.. Hope u get ur things..