Almost every Silverado on ebay is fake...

  1. which is awful because I was going to list a chocolate leather one tonight and am afraid NOW that everyone is going to buy the cheaper fakes vs. my real one :cry: Gosh I wish ebay would crack down more on ALL these counterfeits. There's a big bbag issue right now w/international sellers stealing authentic pictures and selling bags for $100. Arrrrrghhhh :rant: :censor: :mad:

    Oh Marketplace, how I miss thee :hrmm:
  2. The problem is (and don't they know it?! :mad: ), that if eBay cracked down and removed all the counterfeit Chloe bag auctions; there would probably only be about 20 auctions for genuine Chloe bags left running at any one time!!! :lol:

    Their profits would be totally devastated! :shocked:
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about people buying your bag vs. one of the cheaper fakes...any buyer that will buy a cheap fake won't spend the money for a real one anyway!

    I would just list your bag...refer them to the PF to authenticate you...etc...or just as a resource on Fakes VS. Real...

    Most likely...they will go for the real least if they have any taste!:smile:
  4. UUUUgggghhhh...and speaking of...the FAKES ARE AWEFUL!!! They have wrapped handles and aren't even good tired of eBay not doing ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!!!!
  5. I really wish they would do this, because then maybe I would finally be able to sell the two authentic Chloe bags that I have on eBay.

    The ratio of fakes to authentic bags is outrageous. And unfortunately eBay doesn't seem to care much.\

    Twinklette, you should go ahead and list your bag. You never know, there might be someone out there looking for the Silverado that you have. All it takes is one buyer, then you have a sale. Good luck.
  6. I hope you are all right and that I find a buyer that wants an authentic Chloe as I listed my Silverado today...keep your fingers crossed for me!

    Thanks girls :smile:
  7. hi. sorry to butt in...but do you mind if i ask what happened to the marketplace that was on this forum? i've been reading about this marketplace a few times already but have no idea what it is. :huh:a
  8. There was a marketplace here where we could buy/sell handbags to other purse forum members, but it had to close down a short time ago.
  9. OOo so you guys are sad cus you cant do that anymore huh?! i know a place where they sell and trade stuff thats called themarketplace and i thought it was that place. Xp
  10. I was just looking at ebay tonight and they had a ton of chloes on there for BIN $118. Now come on, when all the others are going for $1K and up? It was absolutely ridiculous-all the same pics and all the same BINs for $118. I wish there was a way to do something about this! I miss the days when you could actually get a nice, used designer bag on ebay!! I would love a silverado, but with a new house its sooo not in my budget :sad: ! Back in the old days of ebay, I could have a slightly used real one for the half the price!
  11. I scoured through masses of fakes when I was trying to track down a Paddy-Thank GOD, I actually found a few that were listed by fellow PFers.
    If you can, I think that you should mention that in your auction, the fact that you're a member of this board. As a buyer, I had more confidence buying from a seller who was a member here over even those with triple the number of feedbacks.

    Anyone who wants an authentic Silverado will eventually hone in on yor auction. Sadly, I think that the number of people who are willing to buy the $100 fake VASTLY outnumbers the number of people who want to spend $$$$ on the real thing, but I trust that eventually one of those people will find you and give your bag a good home.
  12. That is just horrble.
  13. Excellent advice! I will revise my auction to reflect that I'm a member here. Thank you! :amuse: