Almond Banana Hobo

  1. Hello all-
    So I was still obsessing over the Mouse Hobo and realized that it's probably too late (with the help of some tPFers). So, what are my chances of finding an Almond Banana Hobo (on sale of course)? And, it you have seen it on sale, how much was it? Many thanks!
  2. I think I remember seeing a topaz banana hobo on sale at NM during memorial day weekend. It was probably marked 30% off and probably included other colors. I'd call around all the dept stores and try to find it, they might still have one out there. Nordstrom is a good place to check too, they will price match.
  3. Thank you, thithi!
  4. Bloomingdale's SF has the banana hobo in black and white chiffon for 30% off (~600). If you presale it now for the private sale you get $25 off and for every $100 you spend you get $15 gc. Good luck!
  5. Can anyone tell me if the photo of almond on the MJ website is accurate? Do you have a personal photo of this color? Thank you!
  6. I just bought one from the Purse Store in Maryland on sale for 600 something. They no longer list it on the Web site, but you might want to try calling to see if they still have it.

    The color tends to look different depending on the light. I liken it to the beige leather interior in my car. They're almost exact. I'll try to post pictures when I can.