Alma Pm worth getting

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  1. Thank you so much. I do love the look of it too. :heart:
  2. Yes I love the bag. What I meant by investment was really is it worth me investing my money into. More so will it date. I should have worded it better. lol. Hope that makes sense.:heart:
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  3. Thank you for your input. I do love this bag. I must admit at the moment I do tend to reach for my crossbodies though some do have top handles also, like the Pochette Metis & Croisette and I do like holding them instead of just crossbody. I have a Givenchy Antigona (small size) which I love and I was thinking the Alma In the Damier Ebene would be a great all weather bag as you don't have to baby it as much as Monogram bags that have the Vachetta. What other bags do you suggest ? :heart:
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  4. The Alma has been around for a very long time - it's a classic, and classics don't get dated :smile:
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  5. Thank you so much for your input. So you could add a shoulder strap without any problems to the PM size ? I have my straps from my Monogram and Reverse Monogram Pochette Metis's . Do you think they would go ok on this bag ? :heart:
  6. Thank you for your reply. That is really good to know. I am very fussy with my bags. They are my babies. lol. :heart:
  7. Thank you again. I think you are right. It is a true classic. :flowers::heart:
  8. It sounds like you have thought it through so maybe the Alma is the bag for since you tend to use the top handles on your current bags. I agree that Damier Ebene is great all year round! Besides the Alma, I've also heard rave reviews about the Siena. It does have a removable strap too which is nice.
    The Alma will always be a classic beauty so I don't think you can go wrong with it as it sounds like you are wanting this style. It has that recognizable lovely iconic shape. Good luck and let us know what you decide. :smile::heart:
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  9. Thank yo
    Thank you again for all the lovely advice and yes I will let you know what I decide. :flowers::heart:
  10. My pleasure. Yes, we're the lucky ones now since LV has added D-ring notches on the handle hardware, making adding a strap possible. I prefer to carry my Alma PM hand-held or in the crook of my arm (its classic way which is still the most ladylike/elegant look) but always keep its strap inside to clip-on when needed. IMO it's not very practical to have a bag without a shoulder/crossbody strap nowadays - ie. who wants to be stuck in a public washroom without one? Your mono/reverse mono straps should be fine - even a little fun to contrast on an Alma DE. LV sells a matching brown Ebene leather strap too, so there's that added option (creating multiple looks with multiple straps).

    After owning both the Alma BB then PM size, my favourite proportions are still found in the PM. There's something genius about those proportions, from the scale of its base > body > handles that makes it absolute perfection in handbag form:angel: Good luck deciding!
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    See answer below please. I don't know what I did wrong. LOL.:heart:
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  13. Thank you so much for your extra advice. It wouldn't let me reply from your 2nd response so I did it from your 1st one again. it is very much appreciated. I must admit I also like the look of the Pm being hand held or on the crook of your arm. Like you say very ladylike / elegant. I also agree it is handy to have a strap as an option especially in restrooms etc. After reading your response about the straps I suggested I could use with it, I realised I had forgotten all about the fact that I have the Croisette in the Damier and I can use that strap. it had completely slipped my mind. :biggrin: Silly me. Oh I just remembered I have the Speedy B25 in the Damier also, so I can use that strap as well . I must be getting old forgetting these 2. :biggrin: As you can see I do love my Damier. So I have a few options for straps. I think you have swayed me for sure. Thanks again. :flowers:
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  14. +1 on this. I love the versatility of a removable and adjustable strap on any handbag.
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  15. Thanks for your reply. Yes so do I. I think I would be lost without being able to have a strap altogether. That is why I am so glad I can use one of my other straps. I have the choice of 4 from other LV bags. :flowers::heart: