Alma - MC - White

  1. Mine just arrived and the color are far more "pastel" than I'd anticipated. I sincerely remember the colors of the MC white (Alma) popping more. They were much more vibrant and less pastel.:confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :s :s :s

    Any thoughts or opinions are very much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Grats on your Alma :smile: Maybe its just looking at it under different lighting possibly? Hard to say really.
  3. Do you have any pics?
  4. mine is very pastel it for spring

    I would think some bags get more bold colors like the dark greens, reds, blues, etc....maybe yours, like mine, just has the lighter shades???

    did you order from elux, boutique, or 2nd hand??
  5. Here's a picture of the bag.
  6. my colors do pop, I have a ton of pink, purple, blue and black on my bag. I think it really depends on the color combo on your bag. do you have pics? alsi did you get at an LV store? if so take it back and exchange for one with more bold colors.
  7. Can't get a large enough pix off of Elux - but the colors are so much more vibrant. Also recognized this last time I was in LV store.

    Mine is from a consignment shop. Never used, though. It's amazingly breathtakingly gorgeous - I just don't know how I feel about the pastel'y' vibe. It's not really what I was expecting - and I, personally, am not such a pastel person.

    Has anyone else noticed such a difference between the white MC Almas?

    Thank you.

    eLUXURY - null - null=
  8. Looks good and normal to me.
  9. Sorry, I don't know why the ELux link didn't work.
    I did, however, attach a pix of the bag that was delivered to me today.

    Do any of you have pix of yours available?
  10. You're not seeing the Easter Bunny, Jon? :p
  11. Well the bag colors, such as MC, will always look different. They show them differently on the site to fool counterfeiters from getting the real colors right.

    Here's a bag that looks just like yours. [Yes, it's real.]

  12. Mine looks the same as the one John posted (with less patina though).
  13. OK here's the 1st pic i found of mine..Please excuse the other 2 bags and the size!!!!


    Here's my idea...Try and return the bag if you aren't's better to wait for the color combo you love IMHO. If you can't return it try and sell it to get your money back.

    It's really lovely though so I think you should at least take her out and try her out!

    Good luck!
  14. I think John's post (the colors) are quite similar to mine.
    It's definitely not an authenticity issue - it's more of a "could I be so wrong?" issue. (By thinking I would see more blue/red/purple/etc. and less pink/pastel green/etc.

    I'm going to take her home with me tonight to spend some quality time. I just know that there are so many incredibly knowledgeable people here - that someone would surely know if there were, in fact, color variations on the bag.

    (Ethan's Mom - GORGEOUS bags - you're my idol!) :drool:
  15. cute bag!