Alma BB reveal

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  1. 4D8738A2-1A6C-4AE2-8FE0-49BC5655976C.jpeg After checking the website the website randomly the Alma BB was magically in stock, and here she is! For anyone wondering my Sarah wallet fits in perfectly with an iPhone 11 and Key Pouch! C8D60E87-7855-4B1C-8FA4-B6119CF2A787.jpeg
  2. This is one of my favorite bags. :heart: Enjoy using it with your beautiful Sarah wallet.
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  3. I’m a big fan of the new matte leather, it’s beautifully smooth!
  4. Can i ask why sometimes people put their locks on the handle like this?
  5. I personally won’t be using the lock to lock the handles together, so I just put it there so it’s more of a bag charm!
  6. Beautiful! 2nd photo I thought the leather was black!
  7. beautiful Alma - congrats!
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  8. Congratulations, she’s beautiful! I hope I’ll be able to get one in the Champs Elysees store next month, fingers crossed!
  9. Just a filter but wouldn’t that be amazing!
  10. I hope you do! It’s my first LV handbag and I regret nothing! It’s so perfect for someone like me who hates big bags
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  11. Beautiful, classic! Enjoy it.
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  12. Yeah I have the speedy 25 without the bandouliere but now I wish I had something with a strap so I could wear it on the shoulder or crossbody, so Alma seems perfect!