Alma BB and inconsistent zipper lengths

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  1. Hello guys,

    I have Alma BB in Noir Epi Electric and just got Alma BB in Rose Angelique.
    I noticed that my Epi Electric has the zipper going all the way down to the center tab on both sides. But Rose Angelique's zipper stops shortly before the center tab which creates a small hole on both sides. (I've attached photos of both sides of the two handbags).

    I've browsed through some Alma BB unboxing videos on YouTube as well as pictures of BB owners on Pinterest etc. And it looks like some BBs have this detail and some don't. Also some have it to a greater or lesser extent.

    Wonder how many of you guys are out there with this little detail and if it bothers you or not?

    Here are the photos of both sides of the bags:
  2. Hi!
    So I checked all my three Almas BB and they all have one side without the gap and the other side with the gap.
    Hm, I have never inspected it so much and so it never bothered me, probably it will start bothering me now when I know about it.... NO, NO, just kidding. I love my Almas BB and it is not noticable at all when you wear it.
    Just enjoy your RA Alma BB, it is a very pretty colour!
  3. Pavla, you are so funny. As I was reading the part of your post where you said it'll now start to bother you I was like "Oh, nooooooooooo". Then I saw your "just kidding" phewwww... I wouldn't want to inflict that on you ;)

    You might be right, Pavla, but I love staring at my bb and admire it. And whenever I do my eyes land on those darn gaps LOL I want to kick myself in the head for this perfection seeking craziness, it's literally wearing me out :smile:
  4. By the way, I forgot to mention that even on LV's website some alma bbs show gaping. I am looking at bb in vernis "more views" button and you can see Indian Rose pictured has it. Pomme d'Amour has it but very tiny one and I'd be totalle Ok with that gap size.
  5. Both my BBs are at home and I'm away for the weekend so I can't check but honestly, the little gaps on yours wouldn't bother me. When I get back I'll check but even if they did I wouldn't mind. You can hardly notice it.

    Remember, no 2 BBs are made alike. Even the embossing on the vernis on every bag is different, some have a deep embossing, others have really light embossing.
  6. You're right, annilynedr. No two bags are alike. And I am desperately trying to talk myself into ignoring those little gaps ;) At the same time trying to locate an exchange. But I think I've built too many variables; to see one IRL, MIF, no gaps, smooth handles etc. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I will fall in love with gaps :smile:
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391150367.347844.jpg I'm glad mine does not have the gap but it's not too noticeable thankfully 😊

  8. Your alma baby is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I am happy for you! :smile:
  9. I'm OCD so I don't think you're crazy for wanting it to be what it should be; especially with how much $$$ you forked over for these bags. I wonder why these discrepancies happen? This to me just seems like it lacks the attention to detail that you'd expect from a luxe brand.
  10. Forgot to doesn't take away from the beauty of the bag!
  11. Love your RI! Have you noticed any black specs or dots on yours? There's a thread about these popping up on the recent colors with the black glazing, so I was curious before I add a RI item to my collection.
  12. There are tiny black dots especially when you get it new. But they are easily wiped away and nothing really to worry about. You're Ok.

  13. You know, your reply made me figure something out. I'm OCD but not 100%. It's not so much that the gaps bother me but it's more of a matter of principle; for almost $2k the gaps should not be there in my opinion.
    So you are right! It's not so much the gaps as the attention to detail for the price. When you buy a luxury brand you shouldn't buy the troubles with it, right?
  14. I just checked my BB and it has those gaps. TBH I wouldn't have even noticed it until I saw this thread :P! Since the gaps are perfectly symmetrical on both sides it really doesn't bother me at all.
  15. Thank you for checking your bb, misokute. Yes, that is what I'm currently trying to convince myself about (that gaps are symmetrical on both sides and maybe it's an Ok thing to have). So far it hasn't really worked :-/