Alma and Berlingot...a good match?

  1. Alma is a classy lady and Berlingot is rather funky. Does this ecsentric pairing work?
    eAlma.jpg eAlmaandMe.jpg
  2. No, sorry. It looks mis-matched and a bit tacky together. The bag loses its "class".
  3. It definitely does look less dressy, but I think it's really cute - definitely makes the bag more casual. :yes:
  4. I think it looks very cute on the's different than the usual cles. Definitely will draw a lot of attention!
  5. I like it. It's something I never would have thought of doing. It gives the bag a fabulous casual look.
  6. I'm not a fan, I too feel like it takes away from the alma. But I think you with the alma are a match made in heaven! Very stylish and classy.
  7. absolutely. i think it adds a nice funky edginess to it (then again i really like funky things). :biggrin:
  8. sorry, i have to agree too.
  9. I certainly don't want to make you feel bad:sad: , but since you answer is no, I'm not lovin' it. I love both pieces, just not together, although I think you could certainly carry the Berlingot inside your epi alma. On the outside? I think the Berlingot is cute as hell! (Have often thought of grabbing one for myself!) Just not a good partner for the ultra-chic and classy epi. So, enjoy them both, just not together.
  10. Nakolulu...we may be alone on this! I was curious about what the rest of tPF friends would say and they are responding like I thought! I like the edginess too...every now and then Alma wants to show a different side and who am I to stop her! I can say, Berlingot steals all the compliments when she is hooked on Alma!

    Other tPFers please don't apologize for your opinion! I know, you are doing like my mom says, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!" Really, I appreciate your input.
  11. I like it. Both are black pieces with gold hardware, and they aren't both prints. I agree the MC would take all the attention away from Alma but if I saw you shopping I'd have to definitely stop you and give you a genuine compliment!
  12. I totally agree. Yes, the berlingot may make the Alma look less dressy, but I like the way that it is different than the normal cles charm. Keep on rockin' your combination if you like it! I think that it looks different, but I like it!
  13. I think it looks cute. I love the berlingot. I've wanted to get one but I don't know what I'd put in it.
  14. Trust me, it looks so out of place.
  15. :yes: Cute!!!