Alma Amarante question

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  1. Hello to you all !

    So today I went to LV to try on the Alma Vernis in amarante color...
    Of all the pictures I´ve seen of the bag, in my eyes its deep red, wine red.
    At the boutique today I thought the same...but my SA told me its purple (??) she said Amarante means purple in french but I can't see the purple. Is it just me ??
    I wanted to take her out in the daylight and see for myself..

    Ladies, if you have this gorgeous bag could you please post a pic of her in daylight ?? I am thinking of buying her tomorrow and don't want to get disappointed when I leave the store.

    Thanks !
  2. [​IMG]
    It's 100% all about the lighting with the amarante color. I love it, but wouldn't refer to it as purple. It's a deep burgundy to brown. The best part is the sparkle in certain lighting. The only drawback for me is the "smeary" fingerprints. I wipe mine off frequently with the cloth they provide. I think it's beautiful.
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  3. Completely agree with this. I have an Alma BB in Amarante and have always thought of it as more burgundy wine. This is the translation of French to English of the word. I think it describes it accurately. Don't know where they got purple. That's interpretation. "Couleur rouge Bordeaux"
  4. I have an Amarante Vernis Alma BB and Amarante Vernis zippy coin purse. I definitely consider it a burgundy/ Bordeaux . I find this color very versatile. It looks fabulous with navy, black, brown, grey,'s a very unique, sophisticated shade. In the Alma, it is stunning!
  5. Gorgeous color!

    BTW, I :heart: your alias. ;)

  6. Thank you ! Yes I noticed the finger prints yesterday but it doesn't bother me I'll just use the cloth :smile:

  7. 😃😃😃👏🏼👏🏼