Alligator {MINI} Lockit

  1. I remember seeing these at the San Francisco Store back a few months ago...they are sooo gorgeous...and probably extremely hard to make..The site says that only 15 were produced ( I doubt that since one showed up in SF) and are ~$3000 each..

    :heart::graucho: [​IMG]
  2. Gorgeous:nuts: :love:
  3. yes i saw one in the display at union square. so adorable. but man, that is a lot of money. better be made of like real gold and a rare gator!
  4. :love::love: so cute~ but the price is... :wtf::wtf:
  5. wow!!! it's beautiful!
  6. I beleive that 15 were made. Perhaps spread throughou the world? but I swear that those were made for a store opening in Japan or something...?

    soo not worth the $ lol I would rather get a REAL bag than some mini lol
  7. They are the cutest!!! :nuts:
  8. very cute indeed.
  9. HOLY COW, so cute ! Such tiny scales for a tiny bag ! Loves it !
  10. Those are SO cute.
    I would love to have one.
  11. Super cute!
  12. I like the multicolore better, but I'm a HUGE multi fan. Usually the only LV I will break down and purchase anymore is REALLY LE or is multi.
    The retail of the white multi is thousands too in the same little bag and they only made a limited number also so I'd believe they retail for that much and are limited.
    But, like others have said, if I'm spending that much, it is on a BIG bag. lol
  13. Cute! Would be gorgeous in a full size bag.
  14. if only i had US$3000 burning a hole in my pocket :sad:
  15. woo it's gorgeous but I'd rather get a bag I could actually use with that kind of money