Alligator bag with braided chain in NY store

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  1. Anyone see the new alligator purse in the individual display pedistal at the 57th street store? It has the most interesting and elegant, braided silver chain handle comprised of countless smaller chains. I was told that it was designed by the jewelry department. It looks it. I also believe they said it was one of a kind. The price was north of $31,000 and may have been as much as $36,000. I can't remember.

    What I do recall is the extraordinary beauty and originality of the new braided chain. I hope they do some in Caviar leather so they are affordable. I am feeling too downsized to spend as much as a small Mercedes on a bag!
  2. You should have taken a pic, I would love to see it!
  3. This bag sounds divine! I would love to see a pic of it too!
  4. Wow, I am drooling at the mere thought of this bag! Does anyone have spy pics?
  5. I should have taken a photo. Sorry. Never occurred to me. If I have a chance next week I will.