All you outlet going ladies

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  1. Since there is a very good chance I will never get to one-do you ever see the charms or cosmetic bags at the outlets?

    Oh-and how about the scarves?
  2. Mine does carry some charms and some scarves, but not very many of the newer ones. I dont remember seeing any of the cosmetic bags, but I'm sure they have some older ones. I would take pictures for you, but I'm scared to take pictures in there, it's always crowded now since it's summer and one of the managers is this older lady and she seems very bosy and intimidating :/
  3. yes, yes, and there something specific you're looking for?
  4. They always have cosmetic bags by me.
  5. Yes, the "D" charm, almost any scarf, and almost any cosmetic bag-i like the classic looking stuff-not into fish or poppies-ya know?
  6. I just posted this in Sabine's fish bags thread, but I just thought I'd say it again - I swear, I think my outlet is just remedial or something. I feel like my outlet doesnt have all the same great stuff I hear other COACH outlets do! Maybe it's just my area, but still. . .makes me sad LOL
  7. I don't live near any outlets, but I buy a lot of outlet stuff on eBay and I see a loooooot of cosmetic bags that have come from the outlets, both newer and older styles. Hope this helps!
  8. My outlet (in Riverhead, NY) always has makeup bags and scarves. I just bought a beautiful purple lizard print ponytail scarf ( the long thin ones) for only $13!! I was so happy.
  9. ^^ I have the same scarf, except mine's black. I was considering the purple, but decided to go with something more neutral. I bought it on eBay, the seller had picked it up at the Outlet, too. It's a very versatile scarf, I usually wear it as a wide headband and either let the two ends dangle long or double it up so they're at my neck.
  10. Macys has the letter charms on sale as well as the handbag scarves featuring the pocket satchel --which I think would look cute esp on a certain bag!:biggrin:

    [​IMG](taken from an ebay auction 6887708612)
  11. Mine in Michigan City, IN always has great things too! They have plenty of scarves and usually under $20.
  12. When I went to mine, they had no scarves, but, the umbrella I wish I'd gotten now!! Oh well...I might go back soon though :smile:
  13. I would be happy with a full price store let alone an outlet! We have nothing here in Sydney - so I have to resort to Ebay where I get ripped off on prices and postage :sad:

    I was on holiday recently in Hawaii and managed to pick up a red polka dot ponytail scarf, keyring and Hamptons tote from an outlet. I wish I could go there again - I was with hubby and so time and money was limited!

    I'm waiting on the matching make up bag for my tote to arrive today or tomorrow from Ebay :smile:

  14. OK-is that 15% off sale still on? How much are the letter charms on sale at Macy's? Maybe I can get someone to go to Macy's for me-i don't have time to go this week. And, yeah-I love that scarf and I agree-it would look great with a certian bag!~
  15. OOh-that sounds nice-I didn't know there was an outlet in Riverhead-that would be some long drive for us from Brooklyn though-sheesh. Besides the fact that my husband refuses to take me to any outlet:rolleyes: