All things Fendi StrapYou.........

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  2. They're really lovely, especially the studded ones, but for that money I think I'd prefer to purchase a bag bug.
  3. They're nice, but I would rather put that money toward another bag. I have several bags still on my wish list and they come before any cute strap.
  4. They are beautiful!!! But for 1000 have to say would much rather a bag or wallat.
  5. I'll join the consensus on this one. They're nice, but I'd wait and see if they show up at the Cabazon outlet or in a sample sale.
  6. Fendi is no stranger to selling overpriced accessories.
    Last year, the Italian fashion house launched $1,750 furry key chains to hang from your bag, which Kendall Jenner famously attached to a $2,500 Valentino handbag.
    And this year, Fendi is set to release a collection of colorful handbag straps, for $1,000 each.

    In November, the brand will launch its Strap You collection of nine two-tone over-the-shoulder straps to personalize any bag of choice.
    They will come in a range of bright leathers and exotic skins, with two styles adorned with rainbow-colored studs.
    One thing is for sure, Kendall Jenner will certainly be spotted with one slung over her shoulder.
    The 19-year-old model revealed her first ad for Fendi on Instagram earlier this week, wearing a large fur coat and clutching a light pink Fendi bag with the aforementioned key chain.
    Unfortunately for Kendall, her debut campaign for the brand didn't go down particularly well with its fans.

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  7. Here is Olivia Palermo with her studded strap........:loveeyes:

  8. I wonder if all the straps will be $1k or if they start at $1k.....:thinking:
  9. Good point, I'm guessing exotic or embellished will be more.
  10. It does look great, but I'm with everyone else - I'd rather have another bag, or bag bug.
  11. Another of Olivia Palermo
  12. And another pic of her in NYC.....strictly for mod shot/ informational purposes only:P
  13. These are pretty cool!
  14. I like them very much!
  15. I love these