All right, whose got the Botkier Bianca in Cherry...I LOVE MINE!!!!!!!!

  1. Scrumptious. Gorgeous. Sophisticated. Sexy. and much much more. The color.....ohhhhh the color. A true cherry red. I need to go fawn over my bag, will get back to you girls in a bit!
  2. ohhhhhh and I got the bella clutch at that phatty Saks final cut sale...155!!!!! Dollars!!!!!! I got one in Gunmetal, and one in Ivory.
  3. congratulations!!! i've seen the bianca in cherry and it's absolutely gorgeous!!! enjoy her!
  4. So it is a true Cherry Red. One site showed a color that looked more burgandy in shade. I am waiting for a Rose Hobo. I was planning on it in metallic Plum. Is the Cherry red glaring eye popping red? Attract attention Red? I would love to have a red bag but this color might be too much for me to handle.