All repairs and no Hermes makes...

  1. ... Perja so sad!!

    My Jumbo bracelet and necklace were in for repairs (and came back after 3 days) because the leather was transfering its dye on my skin, my Picotin is gone for 6 weeks for a popped stitch, my PM agenda is in for a cleaning because it was filthy...

    I'm feeling so depressed like I've been extremely unlucky :crybaby:
  2. Awww....just think, they'll all come back to you like brand new!!!
  3. ohh yes! how nice when they come home from their day-spa!
  4. Sounds like a case of withdrawal to me! Let me know when you start getting the shakes. I'll write an order for a dose Hermes leather, IV bolus, STAT!!!!
  5. Phew! Dr HG saved me!
  6. Look at it this way...when they come back it will be like receiving all new goodies without the higher ticket price!
  7. Perja.......if this helps any, my flat Pivoines scarf is gone for FOUR months getting plissed! My Lilac Vision agenda has an ink mark that runs from side to side (and we can forget about that ever coming out) and my newly acquired Mosaiques scarf is so stiff it can stand in the corner by itself!

  8. I think we all need a group hug and some fresh accessories!
  9. ^^I'm going in for some today!!! My BJ Bearn wallet has been gone for a little over a week,. :crybaby: So I need to fill that lil hole in my closet today! I need major retail theraphy!!!