All over vachetta speedy

  1. If you had the opportunity to buy a vachetta speedy, the special order kind, would you do it? I've come across one and it's not in great condition. The previous owner mustn't have cared for it very well because the vachetta isn't an all over even colour.

    I really like it and would love to own it, but will refrain from purchasing if not much can be done about restoring it.
  2. I will try to avoid vachetta. When it turns to light tan, it looks yummy but when it turns really dark, IMO it looks old and "dirty". Sorry, that is just my personal opinion. Not a fan of dark vachetta though.
  3. Is it possible to see a photo? I'd love to see it! :smile:
  4. l luv to own one maybe speedy 40:drool: i saw the alma in full leather b4...
  5. I don't think there's much you can do to restore vachetta.... and when you say "restore" what do you mean exactly? turning it back to pale vachetta or you want to get a completely uniformly tanned leather? Anyway, I personally don't think that any of these are possible, the best you can do is clean off some surface debris, but major stains and scratches cannot be removed...
  6. personally i LOVE the ALL vachetta bags..i've seen it in an Alma and a Noe..but never a speedy. I would love to have one but you;d have to be EXTRA ANAL about keeping it clean..which I am with all my bags so it woudlnt make a difference.
  7. It would be one of my worst nightmares though I am interested in seeing one.
  8. It would be a DREAM for me!

    I am in love with Vachetta. That is why I refuse to get anything for the Epi line. I live and breathe Vachetta.

    I mean, and im not too careful with my bags. My vachetta is not dirty on my bags, but I dont baby the bags. I use it as a bag, and love for the vachetta to get darker.

    I basically love the whole Vintage feel.
  9. Not something I would like; I like vachetta as an accent.
  10. Absolutely not....I don't really like the vachetta handles...always was paranoid about ruining them!
  11. I'd have to see a pic of it.
  12. LOL! Agree!
  13. Every LV-lover seems to have their own personal relationship with vachetta. Some like it perfectly pale and as soon as the leather turns slightly, they go insane. Some dislike the pale and do things to actually foster the tanning process. Some don't mind the tan, but then they are super-persnickety about making sure there are no spots. Others find every darkening, spot, and scratch a mark of love and wear and individuality. Etc. etc. etc.

    What is important here is how YOU feel about it? Would YOU be happy carrying a bag that has tanned and spotted? I've seen some pics on tpf and eBay of all-vachetta bags and I think they are really gorgeous, but I don't know that I would ever buy one myself, just because where I live there is rain and snow and I don't think the bag would stay in what I think is its most gorgeous condition. (Then again, never say never!)
  14. Cleaning the bag with saddle soap will remove much of the dirt and even out the color. I've seen vachetta bags that were tanned after the saddle soap treatment, and they were a gorgeous caramel color.
  15. I had my Alma for 4 years and took exceptional care of my beloved bag. Didn't want to to see it turn too dark and sold it when it was at its most lovely patina honey tan shade. It was gorgeous!