All of a sudden I am DROOLING over the ....

  1. plum belted ergo hobo....are these in outlets? I should know because I was at my outlet a week or so ago but I wasn't lusting after one then so I may have overlooked them....if so, how much are they?
  2. I dont have the plum, I have the tobacco belted ergo and I can say this is a GREAT bag!!!! Please see our ergo club thread for pics of both! I was told by my SA in my boutique when I bought my tobacco ergo that all plum ergos were being shipped to the outlets! I think some people on here were lucky enough to get them!!! Good luck, it's a great bag!!!!!
  3. Oh thanks Mommyville! I'll head over to that thread now! And I'll call my outlet to see if they have any! :smile: I was debating between tobacco and plum!!! :smile:
  4. You're welcome!!!!!! :tup:
  5. i also saw the plum hobos on sale at macys and Nordstrom in the last week.
  6. I see your in Denver but if you'd like you can call the Riverside Ca. Nortstroms. They have a couple on the clearance table for sale. GL!
  7. Great idea that kimmie has! :yes: Good Luck on your search! :tup:
  8. :tup:TOBACCO:tup:
  9. :yes::yes::yes:
  10. There's one for $246 at our Macy's (middle-o-nowhere.. only has coach returns)
  11. I've seen some on eBay ....
  12. did you happen to see how much they were? Thanks for the idea! :smile:
  13. to finish your sentence for me, it's got to be Mandy.

    Thanks to whom ever posted about this bag, it's all I can think about.......Oh Mandy, isn't that a Barry Manilow song, I'm just very knowledgable, not old..........LOL:yahoo:
  14. I believe it was $218
  15. Thanks!!!! I'm going to call!!!:yahoo: