All I want for Christmas is......

  1. Saw it on the H forum and figure we should start one too!

    so what's on your christmas wishlist?
    I will start with myself. I would like a Bird Bag.

    i am :drool::drool: over uclaboi's Corallo Intreccio Milano Ostrich Bag:love:. And I dont mind having the Luce Intreccio Milano Ostrich Bag :por

    the Pink Ostrich Cabat that kopibaby is talking about :nuts:

    oh dear, someone please guide my hubby to this thread, please?:angel:

    this is actually not a wishlist for me, more like a dreamlist. but hey, a girl can dream right?
  2. Que Bing Crosby here......I'm....dreaming....of a....medium or large veneta.....(does anyone NOT know this LOL???)
  3. As of today, three of the new dog collars - one in noce, one in nero and one in bianco for my three wonderful hounds!

    For me, the perfect BV wallet (haven't quite found it yet but I'm actively looking).

    After my recent Montaigne flurry of buying I'm probably okay for bags for just now... but I'm of course on the lookout for something bright and seasonal at some point so I should include that too!

    Overall, though, I mostly want a trip to somewhere (anywhere but here) that has a great BV boutique so I can finally see all the BVs IRL rather than just in pictures!!
  4. A large Veneta in red. I was groping it at the store again yesterday and now I really want it. Hoping it might go on sale on Boxing day :girlsigh:
  5. Either a campana or medium veneta in noce.
  6. For me, very simple, just a large Ebano veneta and the matching ballet flats. ;)
  7. the impulsive buy I decided against :crybaby:....the butterfly knot clutch.
  8. If we were wealthy, I'd ask for the NM limited ed. ostrich Veneta. Otherwise, I'd be very content with a large Veneta in any color but Ebano (already have 2 Ebano bags). I don't ask for much.:graucho:
  9. wishlist is a ballet flats .... but then thats it its just a wish :sad:
  10. asian sized ottone cabat! origami knot clutch
    ...any croc knot clutch intrecciato ring
    ...ottone flap cosmetic bag (think it's sold out from SS07)
  11. OB I returned the large ottone flap cosmetic clutch recently to Saks at Short Hills. Maybe they still have it! It's gorgeous but I decided to get the brass knot clutch instead which is too similar to justify both. :crybaby:
  12. Any bag in the ottone colour, preferably a sloane (yes I know that they are sold out!), or if BV agrees an SO for a large veneta, I'd love the asian sized cabat but I don't think my budget will stretch that far. I'm still kicking myself over the ottone bags I've passed up on eBay but I'm glad MLbags got hers! I have to see this new oxidised gold IRL before deciding on it as an alternative to ottone, I hope it comes in other styles apart from cabat, I've got my eye on this one....
    oxidised bv.jpg
  13. What? Saks at Short Hills carries BV? Oooohhh, that's great (but dangerous~)!! Thanks for the info, TheBigBunny!!
    I'd love the mini Veneta,:love:or something small in ebano. We are going to SF over the holidays, so I'm hoping to stop by the boutique there!!
  14. Oh a classic Black Large Veneta would be my first BV!
  15. :yahoo:I'll be calling my Saks SA asap!!! Thanks, TheBigBunny!!!!!!