Ali Question......

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  1. Just curious if any of you have noticed your Ali hangtag/charm kind of jingling as you walk. The sound was really annoying DH as we were grocery shopping, so I moved my hangtag/charm down to the metal loop just below where it normally hangs. Anyone else experience this or have a different solution?

  2. I haven't carried mine yet, but I can see what you mean. I might have to do a little adjusting as well if it is a noise maker
  3. When I'm in the car mine jingles like crazy and it drives me nuts!!!!
  4. In the car is when DH finally said, enough! He likes the look of the bag, just not the noise. I had to agree with him though. We'll see how long the tag adjustment lasts! She just doesn't look the same to me!
  5. Just sing here come santa clause here comes santa clause.. :whistle: Just kidding.. I have the same thing with mine in the car and when I am wearing it sometimes.. it can get crazy! :p
  6. I have the black Ali. I never noticed.