Ali owners -- what color is your's?

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  1. Okay, I think I've decided to get a Legacy Shoulder in Pond, and an Ali -- I did think that it was too big at one point, but it looks so good in the picture under the Celebraties thread (not sure who it was, but she is carrying a white Ali)!

    I'm thinking either the Black or Whiskey?

    Thanks so much for your input!

  2. Whiskey is a gorgeous color! I love the white too!
  3. I have an Ali in the black leather and in the khaki/ebony trim. I use my black Ali as an everyday bag so if that's what you need is, I'd get the color that goes with your "style".

    Both colors are gorgeous either way!
  4. I own the ali in whiskey,white,& plum suede!
  5. I have the black - use it every day. I'm thinking about getting the white, too.
  6. I have black and white and love them both. There is also a brown (medium/dark brown) the same brown as the Legacy Satchel @ You have to ask them "what colors are available." I have it, will post pics later. It is the same type of vintage leather as whiskey, in that it will scuff but rub with finger! I'm kinda iffy about this vintage and brown.
  7. I have the Whiskey & I carry it everyday. I love this bag!
  8. I have the whiskey and love it. Actually its my second one, the first I had got sent back due to fraying on the handles. Of course I was excited when I got the second bag, but it took me about two weeks to use it cuz I got used to my first one. The first one had a darker color, due to normal use, and beginning to take on some a "shine" I dont know how to describe it. So now, I finally got myself to wear the new one, cuz the only way for it to take on a "vintage" look is for me to actually use it. To make long story short . . . . I LOVE the color. :smile:
  9. sorry, double posted.
  10. I am a wanna be black leather Ali owner... and will be one IF I get a pce invite. :smile:
  11. Whiskey, Black, Denim Resort and Khaki/ SignatureGold
  12. My Ali is black. But I had the hardest time choosing between the black and the whiskey. I fell in serious LOVE with this bag when it previewed. Then I would go and visit her in my local boutique. I watched several of them on eBay. Then I found one on eBay that was dirt cheap and in perfect condition and it happened to be a black one. So that is what made me decide on the color. But now I really want a whiskey bag . . . .

    BTW . . . the Ali bag is, by far, the bag that I have received the most compliments on!
  13. I have the Ali in white and black leather. I love them both and I get so many compliments on it. It is so functional too!
  14. whiskey here!
  15. I have the ali in whiskey. Love it!