ALI Legacy In BROWN!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo::yahoo: :yahoo:
    I called to see what colors Ali was available in and I just ordered it! It's not in the catalog or on .com (yet). XL Ergo is sold out and on b/o.
  2. Hooray!!

  3. The XL ergo that's $998 right? Wonder how many they had? Post pics of the Ali when you get it, please!
  4. Damn, well I guess if it's sold out, then I won't have to feel too bad about not getting it.
  5. Oh I cannot wait to see pics of the Ali in Brown. Congratulations!!!
  6. i want the extra large ergo in brown or khaki
  7. =) i think i posted that there were under 50 which is why it sold out so fast

    ouch, 998$!

    but it's so pretty...