Ali dressed up pictures matching older wristlet, opinions etc

  1. So here she is ! I am so excited that I finally can post pictures also that I got to take her out last night for christmas eve and I had an older wristlet that matches perfectly that fits in the front pocket. I got this wristlet as a gift a few years back so It must have been fate lol ! Anyway my luggage heart charm from DH, also the bag from DH as a christmas gift and the scarf from my dad as a christmast gift. Do you think she is too dressed up or does it work. Opinions please ! Happy Holidays ! [​IMG]

  2. I think she looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! GREAT job dressing her!!!!
  3. That Ali looks Great! You did a great job accessorizing her! Congrats!
  4. LOVE her!! Good job:tup:
  5. She and her adornments are BEAUTIFUL!
  6. She looks fabulous! I think that's the best accessorizing I've seen on Miss black Ali! I love the heart & the scarf on her!!
  7. Thank you all for all of the nice compliments ! DH helped my tie the scarf. I asked him if he would pretend that her strap was a neck and tie it like a necktie and I really like the way it came out after experimenting with different knots and bows and stuff.
  8. I love it!!! That is such a creative arrangement - and I really like how you tied the scarf instead of just in bow...sometimes I think that looks a little cheesy on a bag. I love the heart luggage charm, too!!
  9. very nice :yes:. if the bag is right in front of me now i'll be :drool: lol
  10. Your bag looks beautiful!
  11. Love the heart charm!
  12. it looks gorgeous!!!
  13. love it! It just POPS against the black!

    and BTW...I found this site made it pretty easy to tie a tie-knot...I did a "four in hand" one on my it on the first try too!
  14. I think that it all looks beautiful together!
  15. Thanks so much everyone !