~~ALI arrived! Instant gratification!! PICS~~

  1. No teasing necessary! Here's my brown Ali!! And her twin white Ali! She is much softer and squishier that white Ali. She arrived in rough shape, she was a floor model and pretty scratched. I cleaned her up w/ the Apple conditioner and she looks great. I'm sure she'll just get better!
    Be nice, I took my first modeling pics:shame:....and my kitty jumped in the picture!:lol:
    I feel another Ali in my future.....:love:
    tPFtwinali's 001.jpg tPFtwinali's 002.jpg tPFtwinali's 004.jpg tPFtwinali's 005.jpg tPFtwinali's 006.jpg
  2. Beautiful! That bag looks great on you! I have a white one too.. isn't it the best bag ever?!?! :tup:
  3. Your kitty looks just like mine AHAHA!!! Glad your bag arrived! It's the best feeling in the world, isn't it??
  4. Congrats, your twins look FABULOUS
  5. Wow, very nice! Congrats on a happy eBay experience. (You did get it off eBay?) I like the modeling pics, helps me judge the size of this bag. I have to say that it's larger than I previously thought. Large bags are wonderful though, to stuff books in or in my case, my kids stuff they don't wanna carry.
  6. Wow, those Ali's look great on you ! It was a floor model ? Do you mean from the store when they were in the store and then someone bought them and sold on eBay ?
  7. Super cute Ali's, Love 'em both!!
  8. Very nice! :love:
  9. Congrats!!! They're very beautiful.. and look great on you :biggrin:
  10. it so is the best bag ever!
    last night i was reading the Ali support group thread and i came to the part about the tPF brown ALI....that's so funny!!
  11. it's the best!! my kitty is casey and he thinks i'm his mama! i guess i kind of am. he follows me around whenever he's not napping....:love:
  12. i did get it on ebay. and yes, it's huge!!
  13. i bought it from an ebay store that sells "used" bags. i don't know where they get them. some are in pretty rough shape and others aren't. they have a rating system~A, B, and C condition. some are actually sold w/ out straps sometimes! but people buy 'em!
    this bag still had the original tag attached.
  14. Ooooh she's gorgeous!! All these people around here keep getting Ali's and making me want one. ;) Glad to hear the Apple conditioner worked well, I have some on the way! Maybe I'll get an Ali to put it on...LOL
  15. :yahoo:Amazing!!! That someone would give up a brown Ali and that you would find one! Very rare . . . both are gorgeous, have fun! :party: