Alfred in Slate! My first MJ bag!!!

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  1. Here are some pics of my new Alfred in slate, my very first MJ bag!!! After searching long and hard for one I finally found it! I also posted in the Authenticate thread, but for those of you who don't check that one regularly, I wanted to share my jewel with you.:heart:


  2. lovely! is the bag a very dark grey? it looks almost black in the photos.
  3. Yes, the bag is a very dark grey...really hard to photograph (I have been trying for two days now to get the pictures to come out right) This is a bag that can only really show the color well in person I think. Thanks!!
  4. I like this bag. I bought itin burgandy, but it didn't work for me. The opening was a bit narrow and I kept scratching my hand on the zipper. I hope it works for you, though. Let us know how it goes when you start using it!
  5. Beautiful bag!! Congrats on your find.
  6. Love the bag! The colour is so pretty, congrats!
  7. Oh THANK YOU shoebuyer for posting pics!! I've always loved the Alfred style and I'm happy some have made their way to the outlets. That means I might be able to get one too!

    Congrats on your beautiful 1st MJ bag!!:yahoo:
  8. I really like this bag. I think the Slate color is a great alternative to black. Congrats on your first MJ! :smile:
  9. which outlets?? TIA!
  10. wow, it looks pretty! :nuts:
  11. Gorgeous bag, congrats, love the shape and colour :smile:.
  12. Snagged it at Off 5th!
  13. Yeah! Congratulations! It's so purty!
  14. wow that color is TDF! Congrats!
  15. Gorgeous!