Alexis Hudson????

  1. what do you all think about this bag by alexis hudson? i have never heard of this line but i'm loving this bag. i really need a new white bag for summer/fall & the price is prety good.
  2. anyone have any opinions??????
  3. I think it's cute. How big is it?
  4. I think it would be cute, not really my personal style, but if you like it then GET IT!!!

    What are the dimensions of it?
  5. I'm in love with it!
  6. I think it's pretty.
  7. I love Alexis Hudson and have been eyeing her bags for a while now (although I haven't yet taken the plunge). I really like the one you're considering, but I just don't need another light-colored bag ...
  8. Cute, I am personally wary of another light colored bag though.
  9. It's a very classy bag, I'd get it!
  10. Agree, classy, beautiful texture and color! I'm not feeling the shape though...that's just me...
  11. Great designer. The Caesar line is amazing. Very good quality. You're choice is lovely. I say go for it with eyes closed and credit cards blazing!
  12. I think its pretty, but the shoulder straps look like they are placed too close together, so it may not fit properly on, or stay on, your shoulder. Make sure its comfortable before you buy it.
  13. I like the style and was checking it out in blue. My concern is whether the double chain handles would make the bag too heavy for me.
  14. I'm an Alexis Hudson fan! There was a blue satchel that I saw awhile back that I loved. I like this bag too, white bags are so pretty to me!
  15. Last year I posted about my first AH was a blue satchel with braided handles. I found out that AH are 2 women and Alexis is the name of one of their daughters and Hudson is the name of one of their dogs! Anyway, I got that bag at Bloomingdales and then months later saw it on Bluefly for a great price.