Alexis Hudson

  1. Ladies,

    What's your thought on this ??

  2. Not really my style. I'm trying to picture it on somebody else may be alright. Looks like something Kim Catrall would wear on sex and the city.
  3. Hm. I'm not really into long bags like that. . .maybe if it were a little wider, brighter, and the handle was a smidge shorter.
  4. I think its cute
  5. mmh.. I think it is nice, allthough I wouldnt by it unless it would be really cheap.
  6. Nice, has some personality. Would look good on someone with the style to match - a bag that demands high heels or funky combat boots (can't really picture it with sneakers)
  7. Thanks Ladies,

    I also have the mixed feeling about this bag. I like that tassle but I didn't like the handle (the top part of it) that much.
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