Alexander Wang Rocco duffle bag

  1. yes I think there is only coco mini, I don't think it's that small. also it doesn't cave as much as say a speedy.bumble1 it looks great!
  2. I wonder how big the Coco is??
  3.'s a beautiful bag and it looks great on you!! Congrats!
  4. I think this bad is definetly growing on me!!
  5. Anyone get an email from Nadine?
  6. just ordered mine from Barney's. i was torn between coco and the black denim brenda- still am i think...
  7. OH nooo look who's carrying it now...
  8. check on your Barney's orders sometimes they are listed on-line, but are not available.

  9. definitely, good point! it's happened with barney's before. if so i will just get the black denim brenda
  10. I'm looking forward to reading more reviews of the Coco from people who've bought it :smile:
    It looks great, but I want to know if it's heavy, or anything else about it that doesn't quite work.

    I've pre-ordered it but I'm having second thoughts about purchasing.
  11. Just wondering - if you've pre-ordered it are you able to cancel?
  12. No problems with canceling, or returning for that matter :smile:

    I'm just a bit reluctant to buy another black bag.
  13. His clothes are TDF so I am eagerly awaiting seeing this bag in real life. My buyer friend saw it and ordered hers on the spot, apparently the feel of it is one of the best out there.
  14. looks like Barney's sold out, it's not on their site.