Alexander Wang Rocco duffle bag

  1. I could not find a thread on this bag so I thought I would start it as this bag is already sold out everywhere as pre order.
    I bought mine already and it should be shipped out mid july :nuts:
    What about you? I know that so many ladies are waiting to get their bag too.
    Anyone else?
    Forget the fact MK carries it.. for me it was the smooshy leather and the gold/brass studs on the bottom of the bag:graucho:
    aw coco duffle.jpg
  2. I like it but I'm not sure I'm going to be buying it.

    This seems like the first 'it' bag in years and I always regret my 'it' bag purchases.
  3. to be honest, i find it so understated but that might just be me. it would be an everyday bag just as much as i planmy PS1 to be :smile:
  4. i wanna see this bag up close.. it's interesting to say the least.. in a good way of course.. :tup: i wonder how heavy it is.. saw the picture of MK carrying it..
  5. I am still debating whether to get it or not, I want to wait and see real pictures other than MK's. But I looove studs and that smooshy leather so we will see, waiting for you girls pics and reviews on the bag :okay:
  6. Do any of you know of any retailers that are still accepting pre orders? TIA!
  7. Oh this is hot!
  8. try mick margo in NY
    they might have one or two left in stock instore for order :smile:
  9. I put an order in at Mick Margo a while ago- before it disappeared from their website. Alexander Wang is where it's at! Such a strong look for a bag! I thought it'd sell out as a pre-order. Wonder how long it'll last on store shelves once it's available?
  10. It definetly makes a statement!!
  11. Intriguing...can't wait to see your IRL photos.
  12. Oooooh, handbag and weapon. . . . . . .:lol:
  13. The bag is the epitome of fierce haha. Seriously hot.
  14. I love the look of this bag! Definitely a bag I'd like to check out in person before committing to a pre-order, however.
  15. Thank you demicouture for the suggestion. I contacted Mick and Margo and they were able to take my order. They told me it won't arrive until the end of August though :sad: