Alexander Wang fumo large clutch in citrine!

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  1. It really is a bit of both.... It holds lipstick and iPhones and house keys I'm hooked with mine.
  2. I have the blue and love mine too! I find it's more of a wallet but I can easily slip a few lippies and my tiny cell inside when needed to use it as a wristlet. Here are a few pics of mine as a wallet with the wrist strap removed.
    roulette aw em gym 051.JPG roulette aw em gym 048.JPG roulette aw em gym 047.JPG
  3. thank you both for the reply :biggrin:
    i think i'm gonna go for it,as ssense has the black one 30 off,i think there's nothing wrong with getting it then right ? :biggrin:
  4. tatertot- how has the perch held up for you? I am torn between the blue and the cayenne that is coming out for Prefall....
  5. It seems to have held up well. I rotate my wallets pretty often but it's still color rich and the Perch has worn well from when I have used it. HTH:flowers:
  6. Thanks! :smile:
  7. What do you think of the white one?? I LOVE this wallet! Would it be easy to clean?