Alexander Wang Donna Hobo

  1. looks really soft...
  2. Hey! Does anyone have an issue of their hardware fading? The zips on my donna have all turned a weird gold instead of silver!
  3. I'm looking into a Donna but was wondering if I can fit my ipad inside. Has anyone tried it zippered or unzipped?
  4. Yes, my ipad fits inside Donna zipped closed.:smile:
  5. Perfect :biggrin: Thanks!
  6. check out my new Donna, I love her! What do you think?

    A little bright!?
  7. Absolutely love it, but I am a huge fan of purple especially on bags
  8. I LOVE the purple!!! I'm hoping some of the other styles will be available in purple as well!
  9. Congrats! My kids got this for me on Mother's Day. Love the blue and love the style. So comfy. It's one of my favorite bags.:heart:
  10. thanks, I also recently received the AW Petrol and Black combo from Barney's on sale. I love this style and will be using her in the fall.

    How's the bright blue holding up?
  11. So far it's holding up just fine. The lighter blue suede is starting to look a little bit grayed out. It just adds character. I'd like to get the Donna in black at some point.
  12. Hi everyone! I´m waiting for my Donna hobo today!! So excited!! Pix will come!:smile:
  13. Beautiful color! Hope my donna hobo in persimmon will be as pretty! :smile:
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    Ok, at last I received my AW donna persimmon! The color is sooo pretty! Bought it at, 40% discount! Can't wait to take her out tonight :smile:
    image-245170826.jpg image-2553782458.jpg image-1663938882.jpg