Alexander Wang Chat Thread!

  1. Question about AW Persimmion shade. I haven't got a look at it in real life. Does anyone know if it looks more pink or red? The pics online are super conflicting!
  2. I saw the color in store and it looked red to me, no pink.
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  4. Thanks so much. I really CANNOT buy another red bag, but they just keep calling me!
  5. Hi Ladies

    how are the sizing on Freja eel-trimmed suede ankle boot? the website states true to size, however i have widish feet?

    i am tts in majority of my louboutins unless they come up big xx
  6. hi ladies! Admittedly, I've never been a fan of the rocco, but I saw a picture of a mini one and somehow I adore it!! Is it very old/hard to find?

    Also I am obsessed with the Danica heels, anyone own them that can speak to their comfort?
  7. tts.
  8. are the darcy hobos still popular? i haven't really seen too much about them, but i like them too. already have a black rose gold rocco so i'm thinking about getting the darcy next, maybe grey with silver hardware..
  9. yess! the darcy hobos are still popular! I just got a black one with rose gold hardware a month ago and I LOVE IT :smile: such a practical and gorgeous bag to have!
  10. oooh where from? i can't seem to find too many..all i see are the black and brass, which i don't really like

  11. so i really want to get a rocco (black with rose gold hopefully if i can find it) and 2 quick questions?

    do they make that in the baby? and would you recommend mini or baby? thanks :smile:
  12. Hi ladies. I'm looking for a bag with rose gold hardware and was directed to Alexander Wang (I usually purchase Chanel). I have always loved the Rocco and was happy to see it with rose gold HW. How durable is the rose gold HW? Does that HW only come on the black leather bags? I was hoping to find a neutral (like a beige/nude) with RG HW. Thanks:smile:
  13. I can't vouch for the durability of the RG as I don't own a bag with it, but there was Latte which was produced with RG and it is gorgeous!! It's a beige/neutral, but pretty hard to find at this point as it is a past season. HTH! :smile:

    Here's a pic of Latte I borrowed from the Rocco thread:

  14. ^Oh my gosh! That's exactly what I had in mind. Ugh. Why is it that every bag I find almost impossible to find???? I really, really want that Latte Rocco.