Alexander Wang bags, good investment?

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  1. Hello ladies! I've had this topic in mind for a while and I would like to hear your opinion. Many of us buy bags thinking on them as investment pieces, we don't waste our money, we spend it on bags that are worth it. I've been an avid collector of alexander wang bags, clothing, shoes you name it. I have to say he is my favorite designer, love his style, edgy rocker and chic. I've purchased and sold many alexander wang items along the way, and I'm disappointed on the fact that when selling them I don't get even near to the initial value. These bags get every time more expensive but their resale value is aprox 50% or 60% off the original value. I'd say this is not a phenomenon exclusively to alexander wang items, just lucky hermes or chanel bags tend to increase or maintain their value as time passes. But this makes me question myself on buying full priced bags or items, as I said i look at my designer items as investments, and buying alexander wang has brought me nothing but loss :sad:. Think I will just purchase items on sale, I really can't avoid loving this brand, he is a great designer.
    This also ads to then quality issues I've had with some of the bags, showing use on the handles and sides where it rubs against your body specially on the pebbled leather. Please let me know your thoughts, I know many of you might say you buy bags because you like them and not thinking on the resale value, but is a reality than when a big amount of money is spent in someway it would be nice to get it back once we had moved on with the bag and want to get a new one.
  2. Many of us (myself included) buy bags as accessories because we like them. I have yet to see a bag at retail that is 'worth it' in terms of material and/or craftmanship. If I want to spend my money on something that is worth it as an investment it would be property or something like that.
    The bottom has fallen out of the handbag resale market. Unless you are talking Hermes, Chanel, or something that is a very limited edition you are not going to come close to recouping your original investment. That is why I only buy pre-loved bags. I can get the snob appeal of a designer name for a fraction of the original cost. If I buy a used AW in good condition at $500 I can carry it and resell it for only slightly less.
    AW is a niche market. Coupled with the declining quality (IMO the new bags are horrible) resale value is not going to be good.
  3. I agree that the resale value is low. Personally, I only pay full price if it is a bag I really really really want and has been on my wishlist a very long time, and I can see myself wearing for many years. I prefer to get new bags on sale, but buying secondhand is also good. My issue with preloved bags are stains, smell and so on, it has to be as good as new, at least wang bags do.

    I do not think any designer bag is really worth the price, but I chose to spend my money this way. After all, it is just some piece of leather, strictly speaking. But designer bags make me feel "proud" in a way.

    I have yet to sell any of my bags (don't own too many yet:P), but when I buy them, I never consider what price I could sell them for, because I don't buy bags that I am not 100% certain that I want to own for a very long time.

  4. +1 :smile:
  5. I agree with poopsie2 as well.. Also why would someone pay almost full price for a used bag if she/he can get a new one from a retail store for a few more $$, not to mention applying a discount code, store points, or gift cards you can get for purchasing new!
  6. I bought a few Alexander Wang bags full price a few years ago. Since then I have only purchased a bag if it is over 50 percent off. Easier for me to sell and not get as upset over the resale loss.
  7. I don't think I'd pay full price for an Alexander Wang bag, unless I really, really wanted it. In saying that, I bought my small black Emile in rose gold hardware full price because it was so hard to come by, and I really wanted it.

    In terms of investment pieces, I think it depends on which bag you get. I find that AW prices are so expensive now, the prices just keep going up, so I guess resale value will be better. It honestly depends on how you maintain and treat the bags.

    I actually wore my Emile for the first time in months today and after wearing my $2.5k bags for the past few months, the quality of the leather and hardware is just so different. AW makes amazing bags but you can tell the difference between a $1k bag and a $2.5k bag.

    In reality, those $2.5k bags are more worth the investment but AW is still really good.
  8. I've bought and sold a lot of AW bags, but have never considered it to be an investment brand. I just buy things when I like them, and then resell if I haven't used them in awhile. IMO, if something is sitting in my closet going totally unused, then getting 40-60% of what I paid for it may be better than having something that I don't ever take out.
  9. I only own one AW bag, an olive green Rocco, and I got it at a really good discount. I loved it and carried it everyday for a few months. That being said, I definitely would not have paid full price for the bag and I don't think I'd ever pay full price for any AW bag. I love mine and don't regret purchasing it, but I've purchased a few more bags since then and I haven't used mine in about two months now.

    I would not view bags as "investment pieces" in which you can resell them and make a profit. IMO, bags are to be bought and used because you like them.
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    I've been thinking a lot about this type of thing recently. I bought a $895 AW coat from SS13 I'd been pining after for only $90 bucks on ebay. I missed out on buying it for $270 or something final sale back then and was so bummed.

    So the funny thing is, now that I have it, I can't even believe I came this close to spending 270 on it. Or God forbid 895...which of course, it's not worth.

    I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I have a very hard time paying full price for things that I know are marked-up beyond belief. Especially stuff made in China for dollars.

    Obviously a Rocco would never go for 90 on Ebay, and while it's not a perfect comparison I find myself doing the same with these mid level bags.
  11. I have the exact bag in your profile pic. I purchased it on eBay for US$250 (seller refunded US$95 due to not mentioning the colour rub and blue-ish colour on the front of bag). It's a really poorly made bag and I have found myself cleaning it so often and spraying it down with a waterproofing spray. This 'rubbing' is still continuing to happening. Get it on sale or off ebay.

    I have also just purchased the Marion bag - hoping it's made a little better! Thanks to shipping and taxes, the bag has costed me around US$530. Will definitely not get this back when or if I chose to resell.

    AW are definitely not investment pieces - too poorly made. I love the looks hence the purchases I've made!

  12. I believe most women view their handbags as investment pieces! It's not about re-selling, it's about knowing you purchased something that's worth the money and is going to only get more valuable perhaps with time. Especially style/fashion wise, it's all about investing In something that going to still make you look chic 5 or 10 years down the road. That said, alexander wang bags are not investment pieces what-so-ever giving their quality, price etc...
  13. I think it depends on the type of bag/color/hardware you choose. For me, I think the Rocco IS an investment piece, if you choose the right color/hardware. With it being such a classic shape already, it'll be in style for a long time. The studs just adds more flare to the bag itself, which I really love. I currently own a black rocco with rose gold hardware, I do realize that the rose gold is "in" right now, and not sure when it'll be out of style. But I still adore this bag, and use it 3-5 times a month. It's one of the most unique pieces I have in my purse collection, even though my collection is not quite expansive as others. I've had her since June and see myself using it for a long, long time.
  14. Wang bags are very "now" fashion pieces. They also show wear rather easily. I wouldn't consider them investment pieces by any stretch but they are resellable so not a total loss when you get tired of them and want to move on to the next thing.
  15. I have a black Rocco with rose gold hardware. Although beautiful, I remember initially being disappointed with the leather, especially compared to my Bals, Chloe bags, and Givenchy. Perhaps it's the difference in their price points, I don't know. I really don't consider my Rocco to be an investment piece :sad: