Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. Alex is in Göteborg today (August 9, 2019).
    His bff Alex Stocks is there and location tagged Champagneria in today's insta stories.
    This lady shared a few stealth shots of Alex in the tag and also tagged him by his account:

    Alex-annaolofsson3-1.jpg Alex-annaolofsson3-2.jpg Alex-annaolofsson3-3.jpg Alex-annaolofsson3-4.jpg Alex-annaolofsson3-5.jpg Alex-annaolofsson3-6.jpg

    annaolofsson3 we became best friends then, me and Alexander Skarsgård

  2. Photo of Alex at Way Out West today (August 9, 2019):


    bingorimer Hard not to love Alex Skarsgård ❤️ @ rexdanger. Always so down to earth and lovely. We have celebrated Christmas together and he is really a wonderful person. Also fun to finally meet an Alexander who is almost as good as ours @aklingstedt ❤️


  3. I recognize Siggi Hilmarsson from the picture
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    Source: The August 10, 2019 insta stories of

    Source: The August 10, 2019 insta story of
  6. Does Sweden have at least one party
    Is this in the way out West, in Sweden I guess to be a lot of party..
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    Way Out West is a 3-day music festival held every August in Göteborg, Sweden. (Source)
    Göteborg "is the second-largest city in Sweden, fifth-largest in the Nordic countries, and capital of the Västra Götaland County. It is situated by Kattegat, on the west coast of Sweden..."(Source)

    More insta stories of Alex at Way Out West, Day 3 (August 10, 2019, Göteborg):

    Source: The August 10, 2019 insta story of


    Source: The August 10, 2019 insta stories of


    Source: The August 10, 2019 insta stories of
  8. Thanks Santress for all the great video clips of Alex and company at Way Out West! I love seeing him so relaxed and happy, enjoying his time off.

    He also seems to have developed a fondness for visiting Iceland regularly. Can't say that I blame him there! It's a country full of beautiful wilderness. :smile:
  9. we have this one yet?

  10. The trailer for A24’s The Kill Team is out! A fall release is indicated.

  11. Regarding The Kill Team and it’s trailer:
    I read on Twitter that A24 plans to release the film on October 25, 2019.

    The film currently has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (after 6 reviews).

    I thought the film looked really good from the trailer. And Alex’s performance looks terrific (he is getting rave reviews). I thought he looked handsome too. Looking forward to this.
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  13. New portrait of Alex for the new ad campaign for Clarks shoes:


    Alexander Skarsgård, Actor, Stockholm, Sweden
    “Comfort is coming home”

    Source: The Library's digital scan from Esquire UK (September/October 2019 issue)
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    "I don't think anyone in the fandom has found a real name for him, but he's been known as 'Not Vin Diesel'. They've been friends for years, he was at Coachella 2012 with Alex:"

    I think i just discovered his identity . He was at wow fest as you probably saw (also in the picture by the bar next to Alex in the above post from Santress). And last night both Daga and Fares's gf Clara posted ig stories from a restaurant where they were having a meal together as a group and they tagged him as Pablo Ravazzani.

    He is the photographer who had posted the below picture on his ig. These pictures were already shared here on the thread at that time.

    I don't remember where these photo's were used, if they were used at all, but they were one of my all time favourites. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe that. 21690059_129366231044996_7788274732838682624_n.jpg
  15. I didn't see any vids of Alex dancing posted here from wow fest. I can't upload vids but he is a screen shot for those who missed it. If it was already posted and i didn't see it, then sorry for the double post.

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