Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

  1. Anybody have the Alexander McQueen Skull Scarfs in their collection? =) I was ready to pay for my Louis Vuitton orange perforated scarf when I had a change of heart and decided I really wanted the McQueen scarf.
    There isnt a store around me so I'll have to do a chargesend from London or New York. Any tips or hints that could help me get one?

    And which colors are currently in production.

  2. Yep! My black with silver metallic skulls and snakes just arrived this week!

    My husband called them and put me on the list for one about three weeks before they were to come in. I got the call last week and did a charge over the phone. $275.00 plus $15.00 shipping via UPS.

    I know they had black with white (no snakes). The new metallic in black/silver skulls and snakes. I think they said they had green/red skulls and snakes just to name a few. I think Max (Sales Associate) said there were 6 different ones that had come in.

    I really wanted one with anchors too but the list had been filled before he called me and we didn't get on the list for that one anyway. Just the skulls/snakes.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Hi Pinkcaviar! I actually just called the New York Store last week and put my name down. They didn't have any in but the SA said they are expecting more soon. Give them a call, the guy who helped me out was really helpful.
  4. can someone post pics pelaaseee thank you
  5. Here's a picture of skulls and snakes.

  6. I have a white with black skulls (large) and use it all the time!
  7. I have them posted in my showcase, and the thomas wylde too
  8. Here are a few pictures of my Alexander McQueen metallic skull scarf:love: . I tried to capture the metallic quality as best I could.
    DSCF1806.JPG DSCF1808.JPG
  9. print*model - love:love: that scarf!
  10. :love: :love: :love: :love: ! Thank you! You're very sweet!:love:
  11. print*model your scarf is gorgeous, thanks for posting up the pictures! You have a very loving husband! :biggrin:

    guccigirl2000 Thanks for the heads up!=) Do you know which colors are coming in and by the way -you're located in BC, Canada? Same here! :amuse:

    Baggaholic I read your Thoman Wylde Skull post. I know this is a long shot, but if I speak to your SA Mo could she still ship them for free out of the states? I'm searching for a non-metalic in white&baby blue, brown&white or black&fushia. Long shot in deed. :blink:
  12. After seeing a Skull Scarf tied to a Balenciaga bag, I really want one for my apple green classique :nuts: print*model, yours is great! :love: LOL at your husband calling to put you on the list. He needs to offer some sort of training class for guys :lol: :P
  13. I agree with Christina with the training class for guys! hehee

    I'm going to try giving the AM London Store a call tomorrow to see if any is available there -I heard they sometimes even get special colors. If not, I'll call New York and have my name on the waiting list. =) I wish there was a store here I could go and just buy from.
  14. Thanks Guys! I'm quite sure you will be very happy with yours! They look soooo cute on B-bags! I love mine! I'll be sure to tell my DH what you said! He'll eat that up!! He's a great guy.....
  15. Love the black/ metallic silver! Am waiting for mine to arrive in the mail :smile: so excited!