Alexander Mcqueen Opinions

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  1. Hey guys,
    can i get your opinion on this bag??


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  2. Not for me sorry.
  3. i'd love it in black.
  4. not my style... IMO very plain (and my style is plain too!)... I would never know it was Alexander McQueen!
  5. don't like it. looks old ladyish.
  6. I don't care for it.
  7. not for me...
  8. it's alright, a bit boring but functional...probably not worth the price tag though
  9. I'd like a bag like that, if it was cheap and vintage on eBay.
  10. I think it would be real cute with riding boots and a plan white button up. or some driving loafers and a white shirt. depends on how you rock it. lol
  11. I rather like it, actually. :biggrin:

    I like the colour, the HW and the fact that it's almost hexagonal.

    Depending on its size, I'd probably prefer if it had slightly longer straps.
  12. Love that bag.
  13. I think it's cute, but at first glance it almost looks like something from MBMJ. If you want McQueen, there are many other more elegant and unique options that I find more appealing.
  14. I think its basic and functional.
  15. Its Ok but not the best McQueen bag I have seen