Alexander McQueen Bag Thread

  1. ^^
    that's a very beautiful dress dirtybadgirl :heart:
    (though seeing it makes me feel very sad that amq left us too soon *sigh*)
  2. dirtybadgirl- I love it! so gorgeous!
  3. dirtybadgirl - You are so lucky to own that Hell's Knuckle Duster Clutch along with your other gorgeous McQueen items. I would love to own myself and consider it an HG of mine. Sadly I think they'll be extremely hard to find. I don't know if you heard about how Hell's Angels sued McQueen for copyright infringement and the settlement... :crybaby:

    dangerouscurves & xlovely - The DeMantas are fab. It looks great on you, dangerouscurves.
  4. well folks i'm so excited at my latest acquisition.. can barely contain myself!..time to share with you...

    the mother of all novaks..

    a rare one of a kind, originally purchased from McQueens store in London, now on its way to me... whoopee!!

    croc & fur

    another rare piece to add to my collection!
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  5. thank you... I like you am sad that we lost a true genius with a unique mind a true legend in my book
  6. I know how lucky i am, i fell in love with it the moment i saw it! but also knew the minute i saw this clutch that it was a breach of copyright, why oh why did Mcqueen make such a school boy error???... or did he???... we'll never know... but the Hells Angels have had their brand copyrighted since 1948!! and just because they're bikers doesn't mean they don't have the same rights to protect their brand, any other major brand would have done the same thing... yes its a such a shame that the collection was recalled & destroyed, but what was the other options?? only members of the HA are truly entitled to wear their logo which you have to respect. I only acquired my clutch recently (after the court case) i was lucky enough to find one, am I a HA... no.. I am though a woman with a designer chopper motorcycle, who has been a huge fan & a collector of Mcqueen for many years though.. and have permission to own one, which i wont be parting with ever!... I will treasure this now rare piece!
  7. OMG how did i not see this thread before? :nuts:

    i LOVE your knuckle duster clutch dirtybadgirl. it's such a unique

    here are my two mcqueen goodies with modeling pics:

    swarovski novak and the eelskin fuchsia knuckle clutch.

    i :heart: my mcqueen bags! :p



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    mcqueenss10knuckledustertpf.jpg mcqueenss07novaktpf.jpg pinkmartini3tpf.jpg grad35.jpg

  8. Thank you so much for sharing ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your strass novak and that eel knuckle duster is TDF :faint::faint:

  9. LOVE your beautiful dress and TDF clutch your so lucky ! :yahoo: Thank you so much for sharing !

  10. Love ! I didn't realize it was this big ! great buy! thanks for sharing :yahoo:

  11. shoe cousins :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Love it Ouchie your so lucky you got it on sale ! :yahoo:
  12. ok finally I got some stuff to share :woohoo:

    but first I would like to express how much I love this thread I think it has got to be my favorite thread in all of TPF ! Thank you everyone for taking the time to share our loves for the late Alexander McQueen.

  13. You are so sweet! Both of your clutches are TDF, every time I see the nude one my heart beats faster :heart: I love this thread too, McQueen's designs are so exciting, interesting and really fun to look at.. especially if there are lovely ladies sharing the love with you!

    I may be taking the De Manta clutch out for the first time tomorrow for a dinner thing, if I do, I'll have dBf take pics and I'll post them here! :smile:
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