alatrop's collection!

  1. I've never done a collection post before, so I figured it was time!



    Keyfobs! (apple and penguin used as charms, Tattersall pouch used for cash/change)

    Chelsea Leather Mini Skinny and Multi-Function wallet, Tattersall scarf.

    My NEW Hamptons Carryall!

    Large Carly!

    Medium Ergo Hobo! My first Coach bag.

    Signature Stripe Tote!

    I've only been collecting since July (except for the purple wristlet, I got that for Easter in 2006) so i'm pretty proud of what i've accumulated. I can't wait to see what 2008 will add to my collection!
  2. wow great collection!
  3. Gorgeous bags! Love the Sig Stripe tote and your new Carryall..the Lilac is too pretty!
  4. Great pics. I also love your signature stripe
  5. I LOVE that lilac wristlet!!! And your Signature Tote is soooo nice!
  6. Beautiful collection and all the best pieces and coordinated. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Great collection! Thanks for sharing your pix!:tup:
  8. Very nice collection!!
  9. nice charms & great bags...i love your lilac wristlet!
  10. Nice collection!! I love your new Hamptons Carryall :drool:
  11. Great collection! Love your Lilac carryall....:yes: Are you saving her for Spring?
  12. Thanks! Yes, i'm saving her for spring. It gets so icky around here (and my Coach bags double as school bags because i'm in college and I really don't have much to carry with me) so I don't want her getting dirty quite yet!

    I'll bring her out in March/April :love:
  13. very nice.. you have great taste! :tup:
  14. Very nice collection! I LOVE the Lilac Carryall! Everytime I see one on here, it makes me want one too!
  15. your sig tote is :drool:!!!!

    Great collection!! :tup: