Alanis Morissette's "My Humps" video

  1. That's great!!!
  2. I saw this the other day, lol.
  3. I heard about it on the radio this morning.:lol: I think she looks great! I wonder how many takes they had to do when they made this video! I would have been hysterical!!! LOL!!!
  4. I think this video is GREAT. I couldn't stop laughing at the guys around her. Beats the original by a mile! It's good to see Alanis has a sense of humor.
  5. Oh that hilarious. I love it! Love Alanis too..such a beautiful voice...glad to hear her again...haven't in a while...
  6. LMAO that's great! Alanis rocks :lol::supacool:
  7. Pretty funny !!

    Thanks for posting.
  8. Really really funny!
  9. I was about to post this as I just heard about it on the radio today.

    Alanis made this video as a mockery of BEP's original, she thought it was sexist and decadent.

    I mean damn, she can make the crappiest song sounds awesome, I love Alanis!
  10. I saw this on Youtube. And it is funny how she can actually make a cottoncandy pop sound substantial.
  11. ohh I wanna see!!! I cant view youtube at work:sad:
  12. She is a genius!! I love her..
  13. She's awesome!
  14. verry funny!