Alaia Lace Ballet Flat search, Help Please!

  1. Hi girls
    I'm praying you can help me! I am DESPERATE for a pair of Alaia lace ballet flats in a 37. I was hoping one of you may have seen some while shopping and could point me in the right direction.

    I'm located in Australia which has virtually no Alaia shoes and all lace ones sold out before I could get a look in :sad:

    I would be forever grateful for any help you can give :heart:
  2. anyone?

    I've added a pic of them. I forgot to attach one before :yes:
  3. the only shop I found that sells Alaia is Browns in London. i haven't seen these online but you could always give them a call to find out?

    hope they have what you are looking for. good luck
  4. in nyc, the only stores i know that sell alaia are:

    jeffrey ny
    Barneys ny
    Bergdorf Goodman

    try calling their shoe dept and see if they have them.
  5. Barney's Beverly Hills has them. I saw them last week.
  6. Thanks everyone, I found a pair at Barneys! :yahoo:

    they arent on sale though which is surprising as I actually thought they were old stock...maybe they recut them...

    anyway a BIG thanks for your help :heart: