Air BnB Experiences

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  1. I'm traveling alone (female) to Europe. I've been to Europe a lot, so I am very comfortable navigating, etc. I currently have hotels booked for several areas of France (including Paris); however, I am starting to think I should save money so I can travel more. The hotels are the biggest part of my budget.

    I was looking online and I can save over 50% (sometimes much more) by opting for an Air BnB (either a private room or an entire apartment).

    How have your experiences been with the service in Europe? Any advice?

    I'm always a little nervous booking things with strict cancellation policies, but the only reason this trip wouldn't happen is if I were sick and then I have coverage.
  2. I only have 2nd hand experience:

    One acquaintance from Munich goes to Berlin on a regular basis, and her stays have always been without any problem.

    And a good friend of mine went to Rome with 3 gfs, and their experience was positive as well.
  3. My first experience was awful. I rented months in advance and a few weeks prior I notice the reviews keep saying host cancelled their reservation. So I contact host and he cancels to which I'm left with no accommodation

    I made a second reservation at a different city this time, everything seems fine. Won't be there until April though!!
  4. My friends and I did Airbnb in Paris last summer and it was great. The apartment was as described, great location, the rooms were spacious and clean. The bathroom was tiny, but I think that might be typical of Paris. If I can find the details of the apartment we stayed in, I'll PM you.

    We also did airbnb in Oxford a couple of Autumns ago and that was great too. So far I personally have had good experiences, but I have seen some reviews where ppl have been cancelled on last minute, so I've only done it for places where we could find alternative accommodation relatively easily.
  5. Thank you! The cancelling piece is one concern. I have hotels reserved (one needs a cancellation the day before and the other is the day of) to counteract that. Plus I am visiting relatively popular places with large inventory.

    I may go for it! I figure I can save enough to help extend a vacation in Australia later in the summer.
  6. A couple of friends and I rented an apartment through airBNB in Prague last March. It was a great experience. I will definitely do it again wherever I go next!! Just make sure you always check the persons feedback!! Good luck!!!
  7. My husband and I have done it 2xs in Amsterdam, 1x in London, and 1x in Boston and we had a wonderful experience every time. We always rented a whole flat (rather than a room) and it's such a better value than a hotel. We won't hesitate to use them again

    Good reviews from other renters are important to us, so I would suggest (if you choose to go w A BnB) renting from someone with several good reviews.
  8. Thank you Vee and Style. I am definitely reading all the reviews (I wish they had a translate option for reviews though!).

  9. They do on google chrome!!!

  10. Exactly what Mininana said. Chrome will auto translate for you.
  11. Loves to hear more feedback
  12. I have friends who SWEAR by Airbnb whenever they travel.
  13. We do Airbnb some places. Sometimes they won't have air conditioning in some flats and in the summer with two kids we need that. For those places we book hotels. Otherwise it's nice to have some space with your family.
  14. Thanks. I've been using the iPad app, but will pull it up on chrome when I get ready to book.
  15. I normally use when I go to Europe and I've never had any issues. I've used AirBnB twice now (only entire home, no rooms) and I've had great experiences. Both were major cities in the USA though and they had great reviews. I'd suggest just to be sure to pick someone who has a lot of good reviews and have an hotel as a back-up plan.