Aiden crossbody?

  1. Hi. Does anyone have the aiden crossbody? If so, is it heavy? I've been looking for a crossbody bag but want something light. I also don't want anything huge. This would be my first Botkier bag. Let me know your thoughts on it. Thanks!
  2. I have the aiden crossbody in navy and have been wearing it all it! It doesn't seem heavy at all and to me is the perfect size, not huge. I like it so much that I thought, for a moment, about getting it in another color. I definitely recommend this bag.
  3. Thanks, michelee! There's a pic of Diana Agron wearing it here:
    However, it looks like the strap is really long. How adjustable is the strap? Do you think she has it on the longest length, or the shortest?
  4. It looks like she is wearing it at the longest length. The strap length is one of the things I love most about this bag. It is so comfortable to wear cross-body.

    The strap adjusts so that it can be worn as a shoulder bag. I measured it when adjusted to shoulder length and it has about a 12 inch drop.
    I love it so much as a cross-body that I haven't worn it as a shoulder bag. Either way, it hangs really comfortably, and contours nicely. Because of it's shape it will hold quite a bit without feeling like a large bag. I tend to like larger bags and it doesn't feel like a large bag.

    It's going to be hard for me not to get it in another color.
  5. I just ordered this in Army from Endless yesterday when Bing ******** was 40%. I'm excited for it to arrive.
  6. Congratulations, what a beautiful bag! I will check back to see if you post pics once it arrives.
  7. Soooooo JEALOUS!!! Check out my wishlist!!!
    I'll chime in even though I don't have Aiden since this would be your first Botkier purchase. TAKE THE PLUNGE!!! I purchased a Botkier Clyde Trigger in black leather (I'm carrying her as we speak) and it is hands DOWN one of my best bag purchases EVER!!! She was even pre-owned and still looks brand new IMO.

    I've owned my share of handbags in almost every (mid) high-end designer name that you could think of and my Botkier still takes the cake of the 25+ designer bags I own!!!

    I think the Aiden is one of the hottest cross-body bags I've seen with any actual size to it.

    I don't know about this particular style (though I want it) but I can tell you the quality, function and durability are TOP NOTCH with Botkier!!!

    DO IT!!!!

  8. where can one still find a Navy one??
  9. LOL, we seem to have the same taste in Botkiers as both of the ones I own are on your list.

    My Aiden arrived earlier this week. It is amazing. The Army leather is just about the best thing ever. The bag is super light and it seems like you can adjust the strap a ton of ways. It is a little smaller than I was expecting, but is still a great sized bag and will hold everything I need it to. I'll probably post pictures of it tomorrow.
  10. Cannot wait to see it, congrats!!